Film Crew

Luca Centoni

Luca is an Italian film director who lives in USA and directs the whole series. With over 40 years of experience worldwide, he did 96 documentary movies and 10 TV series for the major international networks. On May 2023 he won as "Best Short Documentary" Filmmaker at "Cannes International Shorts" film festival 2023. Then with "Templars"  he won further awards in the category "Best Tv Series" ( four awards with episode 4 and one with episode 3 ) at the "Japan International Film Festival 2023"."Tokyo International Shorts Film Festival", "San Diego Art Film Festival 2023", "New York Independent Cinema Awards 2023"and "Boston Independent Film Awards" 2023. "Venice Under the Stars" 2023 and other. In 2024 he is finalist at "London Director Awards".

Paolo Emilio Centoni

Paolo Emilio is an Italian Drone Cinematographer and a journalist of the United States Press Agency. He lives in USA where he is also a student of the UCF.
He is the one who did all the drone aerial shots of the episodes 2-3-4-5

Luca Bracali

He is a well known Italian photographer, videographer and much more, who lives in Italy, Pistoia, Tuscany. Luca did the drone aerial shots of episode 1. He is known also to have been up to the North Pole and in several remote world's area. Bracali is author of over 20 photo books and he actively fights for the environment and global warming.The Minor Planet Center of Cambridge (USA) even named an asteroid after him.

Film Crew

Andrea Massari

He is an Italian music soundtrack composer who lives in Livorno, Tuscany and began to play electronic organ with Maestro Roberto Giorgi. Then, Andrea has taken piano lessons under the direction of Maestro Agostino Todaro. He finally studied music composition and orchestration under the director Alfonso Belfiore. He produced many orchestra themes trying to express in music his creativeness. Andrea has composed the whole series soundtrack, showing the necessary sensibility to turn images into music. He likes instrumental improvisation and the research for new forms of composition language.

Martyn Owen

Martyn is a British speaker who works for major networks including BBC. He is the official English voice over narrator of the series, who is famous for his warm voice. He worked also in other well known and remarkable Tv series including "Game of Thrones" and Lord of the Rings.

Maria Grazia Sanfelice

Maria Grazia  is an Italian Photographer, who lives in Italy, Livorno, Tuscany. She is a portrait shots specialist and makes the official posters of most of the episodes in the TV series, as reported on her IMDb profile.

Film Crew

Michela Caroti

Michela is an Italian photographer, who lives in Italy, Tuscany and she did that the pictures of the series backstage in episodes 2 and 3. She is also a former actress who worked in several series of Marcopolo TV, a Sky satellite network (Direct TV of Europe) and a travel channel.

Jeff Freeman

Jeff is an American voice actor, narrator and podcast producer of the YouTube TV channel JFree906 which also broadcasts the show titled "The Curse of Oak Island & Beyond". He is in charge of internet mode interviews to Margaret Elphinstone and Heather Day Gilbert in episode 4.