About US

We are experts in TV field and "Templars" is our latest TV series created in 2019 and still in production for the Web TV platforms.

Our Cast

It is an amazing cast because 75% of its components are women. Researchers, Writers, Presenters, Actresses are just some of them from several nations including USA, UK, France and Italy.

A Success

After the great success of the first movie (now Episode 1) "The Da Vinci Code Secrets" with over 6,000,000 of visions, we decided to build up a mini TV series.

Our Values

Our work is is more than just a job. Each time we take on a new project, we make sure it aligns with our core set of values so we know we can deliver great results.

Our Commitment

We all have a passion and this is ours! We have deeply studied books and manuscripts and we have been learning ever since. Thanks to the whole cast members we were committed to release a new simplified vision of complex arguments such as these ones.

Our Mission

It’s easy to do great things when you believe in what you do, therefore our enthusiasm is what lead us to sail through an ocean of odds every single day.

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