The Episodes

"Templars" is a TV mini-series composed by 5 episodes.

Episode 1:
"The Da Vinci Code Secrets",filmed in Rennes-Le-ChΓ’teau, France
released on Jan.17 2020
on Amazon Prime Video in USA and UK.

Episode 2:
"The Medici Mystery" released on March 27 2022 
on Amazon Prime Video USA and UK.

Episode 3:
"The Sinclair Legacy" released October 13 2022 
on Amazon Prime Video USA & UK.
Winner at "San Diego Art Film Festival 2023

Episode 4:
 "Gudrid the Fair" released on January 26 2023 
on Amazon Prime Video USA & UK.



Officially Selected Italy "Roma Short Film Festival" 2023
Officially Selected by "New York Tri-State International Film Festival" 2023
Officially Selected France "Paris Awards Film Festival" 2023
Winner at  "New York Independent Cinema Awards" 2023
Winner at  "Tokyo International Short Film Festival" 2023
Winner at  "Japan International Film Festival" 2023
 Winner at  "Boston Independent Film Awards" 2023
Officially selected by "Chicago Indie Awards" 2023
Winner "Top Film Awards" 2023
Winner Italy "Venice Under the Stars" 2023
Finalist "London Director Awards" 2024
Official Selection "Cannes World Art Festival" 2024
Winner Hamburg Germany "Purple Sky International Film Festival' 2024
Winner India "Festival de Indie" 2024
Winner Italy "Monza Film Fest" 2024
Winner "Switzerland Film Fest & Screenplay Competition" 2024
Finalist "San Francisco Independent Filmmakers Contest" 2024
Official Selection "Indo Dubai International Film Festival" 2024
Honorable Mention "Barcelona Independent Film Festival" 2024
Winner Bahrain "Great Arabian International Movie Awards" 2024
Official Selection Sidney Australia "Cinematic Horizons Film Festival" 2024
Winner Grand Prize in person at "Indie Las Vegas Film Festival" 2024
Winner India "Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival" 2024
Official Selection Hollywood "Best Indie Film Awards" 2024
Winner Sidney Australia "Ecovision Global Film Festival" 2024

Episode 5:
"The Sword and the Circle" is Season 1 finale filmed on May/June 2023
released on September 9 2023
on Amazon Prime Video USA & UK.