The Episodes

"Templars" is a TV mini-series is composed by 5 episodes.

Episode 1:
"The Da Vinci Code Secrets", was filmed in Rennes-Le-Château, France and released Jan.17 2020 on Amazon Prime Video in USA and UK.

Episode 2:
"The Medici Mystery" was filmed in Winter 2020-21 released March 27 2022 on Amazon Prime Video USA and UK.

Episode 3:
"The Sinclair Legacy" filmed in Scotland, UK on June 2022 to be released on October 2022 on Amazon Prime Video USA & UK.

Episode 4:
 "Gudrid the Fair" to be filmed in New England and Iceland on November and December 2022, to be released on January 2023 on Amazon Prime Video USA & UK. 

Episode 5:
"The Sword and the Circle" is still to be confirmed for May - June 2023